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Inspect it before you buy it!

MyUsedCarBuddy will provide you with a professional comprehensive top-side inspection service. We can provide service at all sellers including OffleaseOnly, HGreg, Florida Fine Cars,, Gateway Classics, and many, many more. We are an independent service working for the buyer.

Sellers do-not get a referral fee. If its the right car for the buyer, they get the sale and nothing more. The buyer gets what was expected.

Our initial observations are the exterior, dings, dents, scratches, broken lenses, missing equipment, misaligned panels and obvious body damage. We perform an electronic paint test on every vehicle, when applicable, and are looking to identify areas of the vehicle that are not original, being repaired or repainted, or serviced. We look for evidence of poor, substandard, and unfinished repairs.

The interior inspection will include testing of the vital accessories, controls and options, and we look at the and seating, trim and doors for notable damage. A tire and wheel inspection, the brand, the tread, and the condition of the wheels.

The mechanical inspection will focus on serviceable fluids, looking for areas of lack of maintenance, fluid leaks, fluid intermixing, modifications, visible leaks and missing items; and always a vehicle computer scan test when applicable.

The vehicle will be driven, testing the engine, transmission, steering and brake systems. We may also identify strong smoke odors, or musty smells.

We take lots of pictures and add an eight-page report, emailed to any device. We provide the highest quality pre-purchase vehicle inspection service the industry has. The data in our reports can be used as part of the buyers purchase decision to include (but not limited to) Carfax, AutoCheck, TrueFrame, service and maintenance records, and seller disclosures.

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Our Mission

Knowledge is power. MyUsedCarBuddy strives to put that knowledge in your hands. We look to uncover areas of concern and highlight key features of the vehicle. Our mission is to ensure you have the necessary information to make an informed purchase decision.

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A pre-purchase inspection is an analysis of the key aspects of a vehicle. The following areas are tested for functionality and quality based on the age and mileage of the vehicle: Engine and transmission performance Exterior - including body panels, hood, bumpers, doors, mirrors, glass, and trim items Interior - including seats, controls, instruments, carpet, roof, sound system, windows, and convertible tops Electrical systems Tires and wheels Computerized testing, when applicable Road test Written report with pictures

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Why Do Sellers Prefer Us

Auto resellers know that an independent vehicle inspection service will provide the buyer with the information needed to make an informed decision about the purchase. Sellers will recommend MyUsedCarBuddy services because we operate in a very professional environment, providing comprehensive evaluations and quality reports in a timely manor. Also, if you're having the vehicle shipped and damage occurs during the transport process, our reports can be used to file a claim against your shipper.

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Pre-purchase Car Inspections In Florida

At MyUsedCarBuddy, it is our goal to provide prompt, professional, and comprehensive information to assist you in making a well-informed purchase decision.

*A typed report includes the areas listed above, breaking each section down into individual components. These components are then assessed for functionality and quality. The report contains technical information in an easy to understand format.  A series of pictures will also be provided in the PDF file with the report.