Buying Tips

  • Never buy without an inspection, especially if your an online buyer.
  • Carfax has never inspected a single car
  • Carfax cannot report on the quality of any repairs
  • Carfax  states that you should always judge the vehicle of interest on its current condition, not past history.
  • If the seller refuses a pre-purchase inspection, cancel the sale.
  • With a pre-purchase inspection, the obvious things are identified; thus saving you potentially thousands of dollars in repairs.
  • Many new car dealers are refusing to perform pre-purchase inspections. They are not properly trained and typically unable to provide complete pre-purchase information.
  • Computer scan testing is a must. Many fault codes will not turn on the check engine light. Without a computer scan test, you may miss a hidden problem.
  • Most people will not bend down and actually look at the tires. Worn or mismatched tires could cost you hundreds in the short run.
  • Always check for the spare tire and wheel lock key. There are many times it is missing and it is several hundred dollars or more to replace.
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