About Us

The founder of MyUsedCarBuddy has been involved in the automotive repair and service business since the early 80’s.  Growing up in Florida, he graduated from college with a degree in Automotive Technology.  Continuing his studies in the automotive field, he received his ASE Master Automotive certification and has maintained that status for over 30 years. Throughout his career, he has worked as an automotive technician at dealerships and service centers, has owned a nationally know automotive franchise and has operated his own inspection network working with recognized insurance companies and automotive facilities for over 25 years.  After years of providing high quality inspection services to corporate clients, he has expanded to provide the same professional service to the used car buyer.

The MyUsedCarBuddy Inspection Team is passionate about empowering you, the everyday consumer, to make educated decisions about your used vehicle purchase. Whether your buying your next late model vehicle or searching for that perfect performance vehicle, we will do our best to provide you with valuable information in an easy to understand format so you can make a better informed buying decision.


Disclaimers, Exclusions and Limitations:

MyUsedCarBuddy is an independent vehicle inspection company owned and operated by 5C-Enterprises, Inc., a Florida corporation. We are not associated with any seller, selling dealer or service facility and we do not sell or service vehicles. We are a team of corporate and contractual professionals. The purpose of the pre-purchase inspection is to identify the working order of the vehicle by an experienced professional automotive inspector. The inspector will document items and damages and will test the working condition of the vehicle including the equipment, accessories and powertrain systems. The exterior body panels are checked electronically for repair (where applicable). Computer scan testing on most models. We provide a top-side visual inspection and do not remove the wheels or use a lift to inspect the undercarriage unless it can be provided by the seller. This is not a safety inspection and cannot be used to represent one. All pre-owned vehicles exhibit some wear, scratching and scuffs from normal use for their age and mileage. Damages or malfunctions can occur at any time, and without warning after the inspection visit which may include lot storage and transport services. Some options listed may not exist on all vehicles.  We are not responsible for any leaks or computer fault codes that may develop. The images may contain additional information not itemized in the report and supersede any details within the written report. The images are a vital component of the report; they remain the property of MyUsedCarBuddy and cannot be copied or redistributed without prior consent. The report is valid for no more than thirty days as the condition of the vehicle continues to change. There is no warranty expressed or implied with the report. MyUsedCarBuddy recommends a third-party service agreement on the purchase of any used vehicle. MyUsedCarBuddy’s liability for mistakes or omissions in the report is limited to a refund of the fee paid for the report. The liability of 5C Enterprises, Inc., its inspector’s, agents and employees is also limited to the fee paid. Buyer/customer also understands that any claims against this report, MyUsedCarBuddy, or 5-C Enterprises, Inc. must be filed in Palm Beach County, Florida, where business is conducted. The buyer/customer assumes the risk of all losses greater than the fee paid for the inspection. We do not make any repair, service or purchase recommendations. The buyer/customer makes the final purchase decision. Questions about our reports must be directed to clientservices@myusedcarbuddy.com

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